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IN THE NEWS: Meet the Company Disrupting Renting

Local firm is helping property owners increase their occupancy rates

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Finding an apartment can be a daunting experience. Renters can put tons of time into checking all the possible options and going to showings, while never knowing for sure if they’re getting a fair deal, missing out on amazing amenities or singing on with an absentee landlord.

On the other side, property owners and landlords also face challenges: finding the best way to list their property in a very dynamic marketplace, monitoring those online listings and making themselves available virtually 24/7 via phone, text message and email to schedule and follow-up on showings.

Enter Residential Renters, a local firm that seamlessly connects renters with apartments and helps property owners increase their occupancy rates. The firm offers both renters and property owners in metro Milwaukee the benefit of its market knowledge, customer service and convenient system.

We talked with Residential Renters President Ben Kerpe to learn more about the firm and how they’re making it more efficient for property owners to find qualified tenants and for renters to find the ideal apartment.

How does Residential Renters help prospective renters?

When renters connect with Residential Renters, they are connecting with hyper-local leasing agents who have a considerable amount of market intelligence.  Our agents are familiar with the local rental inventory which saves renters a considerable amount of time and hassle.  We are non-exclusive and work with many of the most popular management companies, private landlords, and exclusive listings the market has to offer. Providing this unrestricted and unmatched access allows renters to compare and select the “pick-of-the-litter” in a timely and well-informed manner. We also work to build a genuine relationship aimed at meeting the Renter’s needs and wants vs. the traditional “sales” approach.

How does Residential Renters help property management companies or building owners?

It really depends on their objectives. If a property owner or management company is interested in attracting a larger pool of ready, willing, and able renters to reassure best terms and best price, we are a great fit. Our clients benefit from our dominant marketing presence, social media exposure, relocation relationships, proactive representation, market feedback, and a structure that guarantees 100% performance.

Property Management Groups also work with us to supplement their in-house leasing operations without the overhead costs. Not only do they immediately benefit from all of our marketing exposure, we are also taking on calls, following up and keeping showings coming through the doors when management is “off the clock.”

If a property has room for improvement we engage with the objective of eliminating vacancies and increasing quality results.

Most renters want to eliminate the time and hassle of the rental process and prefer working with our team. In a competitive marketplace, property owners and management who have yet open the doors to these efficiencies are at a significant disadvantage and their only options are to reduce rents and/or increase marketing budgets. Neither of which guarantee quality results.

What properties do you work with?

We focus strictly on rental accommodations including single-family homes, duplexes, condos, and apartment buildings throughout the Greater Milwaukee area. Furthermore, we are selective and make peace with the fact that we don’t work with everyone. In order for us to represent a property, we thoroughly evaluate condition, terms, and favorability factors to minimize renter remorse scenarios.




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