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Landlord Services

helping landlords secure ready, willing, and able renters.

Residential Renters, LLC services the Greater Milwaukee Area Rental Market and can assist you in maximizing marketing exposure and filling vacancies with the most qualified renters.

“We don’t simply find A Renter… We help find the Right Renter.”

Primary reasons landlords work with us:

Critical Mass:

The dominance of rental inventory exposure enables us to attract a much larger population of renters. Working with us strategically positions your property with our global relocation & renters network thus significantly improving the odds of securing the most qualified candidate.  Finding quality through quantity is the key to your success.

Non-Restrictive Listing Agreements:

Best Terms, Best Price Guaranteed.  We are confident in our effective approach and will compete to deliver the best, most qualified renters in a timely fashion.  Our non-exclusive agreement is designed to ensure optimum results where we secure our success fee only if we find and secure a renter YOU approve of.  There are absolutely no costs or restrictions should you secure a qualified renter using other available means.

Success Fee:

No fee is earned until we find and secure a tenant that you approve of.  Residential Renter’s fee equals one month’s rent vs. vacant property with utility costs.  Experienced Landlords know, a vacant property or an unscrupulous renter is a much greater Risk than our 100% performance guarantee. **Fees vary based on length of lease.

Thorough Screening:

Full Credit/Background/National Criminal & Sex Offender Search/Employment & Income Verification/Landlord References on all prospective tenants.  Once we conduct a thorough screening on rental applicants, the reports are sent directly to the owner for approval or denial based upon the findings.

Effective Marketing:

In today’s rental market, Craigslist is simply not enough. We take high quality photos, create the listing and begin strategically marketing your rental property across a wide array of rental sites within 24 hours.  While renters use a variety of sources to browse for accommodations, Residential Renters knows that the vast majority will discover your rental with the assistance of a Leasing Agent and the Internet.  That is why we combine a powerful combination of expert agent representation and a dominant Web presence.  With approx. 92% of renters using the Internet as part of their home search and an ever increasing number of searches being done on mobile and tablet devices, it’s smart to partner with an innovative team that understands how to reach today’s renters and an effective marketing strategy to back it up.

Professional Expertise & Free Consultation:

We ensure that all paperwork is completed to the specifications of current landlord and state laws.  Our agents provide valuable consultation and market insight for all clients prior, during, and after securing qualified renters.

Unmatched Availability:

We answer the phones and work around the clock so you don’t have to.  This ensures no renter is left behind when you may be unavailable.  Holidays, Nights, Weekends, no problem…

For more information about how we can take the hassle out of finding quality renters,

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