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Tenant Screening

“We don’t simply find Renters… We ensure you find the Right Renters.”

Have the confidence you need in making well informed decisions when working with prospective renters.  Our tenant screening services include Renter Credit Check, Eviction & Criminal, plus Employment, Income, and References.


Completely redesigned national tenant screening, so it’s more intuitive for you and your renters. Find the best tenant via comprehensive Experian credit report along with nationwide eviction and criminal check.  We simply email or text the renter our online application link, and shortly thereafter the application package will be available in your account. We’ll also charge the applicant directly, so you don’t have to pay the fee.

Financial Stability:  Know where your Prospective Renter’s monthly Debt, Rent, and Income ratios stand to determine financial risk.



Employment & Income Verification.

Rest assured, we conduct personal Employment & Income Verification to eliminate the risk of inaccurate or deceitful information.

Mobile Reports On-the-Go!

We  provide the fastest screening tool available for Landlords and Property Management.  Reports are requested via email and results are provided in minutes.  Don’t lose your Ready, Willing, and Able renters with outdated systems.


Easy to Read Format.

Sure there are other screening reports out there, but many are difficult to evaluate.  As a Landlord, we are confident you will appreciate the easy to read presentation of our Tenant Screening Reports.