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Most Do-it-Yourself Landlords spend about One Month-a-Year managing tenant placement tasks, burdens, and liabilities for their rental property.

As a DiY Landlord, the to-do list can be extreme…

Being a Landlord isn’t easy, especially for those with a day job, but this is sometimes a tough lesson to learn.  In an effort to save money, many landlords attempt to rent their properties on their own.  Regrettably, this results in far more expenses and time than anticipated, leaving the Landlord with large bills and unhappy tenants who may not be the best fit to begin with.

The best solution is to have Peace-of-Mind that you secure the most Qualified, Ready, Willing, and Able Renters the market has to offer.  This is achieved by finding Quality in Quantity.

By doing so, you now have options…

Outside of tenant placement, we also provide a team of professionally licensed property management resources to ensure the title of “Landlord” is an executive designation, not a tenant servant provider.

Already working with a Property Management Service and unsure your expectations are being fulfilled?

We understand… There are a variety of business models out there.  Most landlords want to save money by working with real professionals who only charge a fair monthly flat rate and are responsive when needed. They certainly don’t appreciate hidden fees, service up-charges, and percentage rate fees based on monthly rent.

If you are paying over $100/mo for property management, it might be time to evaluate how to save money without sacrificing dedicated service.

To learn more about how we help property owners achieve success in their objectives, simply request a complimentary Property Management Evaluation Today!

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