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Ben was an awesome guide during our tour of the city. Knowledgeable and insightful regarding the properties, he was able to craft a meaningful experience centered on my specifications and needs. I would highly recommend Ben and his crew, as they put an exceptional effort into making the move as seamless as possible.

Jason S.


I found a place I was interested in and within days, through the help of Adam, who was absolutely terrific during the entire process, was able to commit to a lease. Through his flexibility, Adam was able to adapt to a time that fit my schedule to show me the property I was interested in. It was absolutely a pleasure. I would recommend Adam and Residential Renters to anybody seeking short term or long term property leases. Keep up the great work!

John J.


Adam was so great and attentive! I called him at 3pm on a Sunday, saw the apartment at 5pm. All the paper work was done Sunday and moved in Tuesday! Would definitely recommend!

Eileen M.


Ben made the apartment search in Milwaukee so easy and stress-free. He was able to figure out to a T what was important to us despite some conflicting info from us and brought us to places we really liked which were nicer and better bargains than we found on our own! Plus, even when a property manager started putting pressure on us to apply for a unit fast, he made it clear that he didn’t want us to feel like that was our last chance, and encouraged us to make the best decision for us, that he’d be more than happy to show us other places or work to get us another unit in the same building. He clearly loves his work and the city of Milwaukee. I’d recommend Residential Renters to anyone looking for an apartment in Milwaukee!

Astrid M.


It is a great pleasure working with Ben and Adam of Residential Renters. They are warm, welcoming and always welcomed at our property. I would highly recommend contacting Residential Renters to help find the next place you call home!

The Standard Apartments – Lauren G.


New to Milwaukee and needed to find an apartment on pretty short notice. Worked at the start with Ben and finished the deal with Adam. Both were knowledgeable about the marketplace and neighborhoods. Accessable as well. Respnsive. I felt like I had help versus being pushed into something. The process to get the place was and has been easy. I would call them again for help!

Daryl H.


We were just doing our own legwork apartment-hunting–we didn’t even know organizations like Residential Renters existed, and only met Ben when we viewed a property he was representing. And lucky for us. After owning our own home for 13 years, we were pretty clueless of how to best navigate the rental scene. Ben was able to help us. That first property wasn’t a good fit, but he listened carefully to our feedback and provided recommendations based on our needs and budget. During the entire process he was responsive, informative and patient. He clearly placed a high priority on helping us find the *right* apartment, and not simply the most expedient one. His assistance really made a huge difference in our apartment hunt, and we couldn’t be happier.

Gerard H.


Ben was a phenomenal help, eager to answer all of my questions no matter how trivial they were and he gladly worked with my crazy schedule even though I’m sure it was an inconvenience to him, any future rentals I look for will definitely begin with residential renters.

David M.


I had a great experience with Ben!! He was extremely knowledgeable about the property I was looking at as well as the Milwaukee area. I never felt pressured by him, he was understanding and easy going! I would highly recommend him for any apartment search, he will steer you in the right direction! It was a smooth process as well as professional. Nothing but a great experience with Residential Renters!

Lauren P.


Ben was very helpful in our search for the perfect apartment. Highly recommend!

Ammar H.


I have a great experience working with Ben regarding either renting your property or looking for renting a home. He has following qualities that admire me a lot. 1. Excellent Marketing and photography skills 2. Excellent communication 3. Passion about the services they provide it to you. 4. Follow up with you on timely manner via e-mail, text messages, phone conversation and meet with you personally within a short message. He is always available. 5. Ben will go beyond and above if changes need to be made in order to meet your needs and work with you as a team player. I will highly recommend Ben and Residential Renters to whoever looking to rent their property / looking for renting a property.
I expect that they will keep it up all the good standards and I will see them grow and hear a lot more good things about them in coming years.

Manju T.


These guys are awesome! We had trouble finding renters for our condo in the Third Ward and the agents we were using were terrible. No feedback, no results, nothing. So I searched online and found these guys with really good reviews. I connected with Ben who was responsive and extremely knowledgeable. They did a walk through, took great pictures, provided market intelligence reports, and went to work. In one week they had 6 screened applicants and we had the option to select the renter who had the best qualifications. Even though they completed the mission of finding great renters, they check from time to time to see how everything is going without trying to sell anything. Without question, I will be working with these guys from now on.
Kimberly F.


I highly recommend Ben and Residential Renters to anyone looking to rent in the Milwaukee area. From start to finish, Ben was there to help us with all of our leasing needs. He was very accommodating when we scheduled our apartment showing and answered all of our questions about the lease. Ben will also go above and beyond and work with you if changes need to be made to a lease as different circumstances may arise. Finding an apartment and signing a lease can be a stressful process, but working through Residential Renters makes things much easier!

Kenzie T.


I like to know where I am living as far in advance as possible. Thanks to Ben and George, I was able to move quickly through the rental process. They were always available to answer questions and walk me through their process. They offer a secure, online signing program called doc-u-sign which made it very easy to sign the lease despite my roommates and I having busy lives and the inability to all be in one place at one time. The guys are really nice and work well with landlords and tenets to ensure a good fit. They have tons of properties on the East Side and around Milwaukee. They’re a newer company that takes care of their clients, a nice refresher from those lazy, well-established rental companies. They really seemed to care about getting me this place, and I expect to be hearing a lot more good things about them in the future.

Jessye H.


My experiences have been terrific over the last couple years. As a landlord with a demanding full time job, Ben, Adam and crew do a great job and are true professionals.  What they excel at is offering a great experience that is simple, yet comprehensive.  I don’t worry about details when things are in their hands. After experiencing some of the red tape with other rental agencies, I find them the easiest to work with! Prompt, to the point, and their communication is top notch.  I don’t worry about details when they’re on the job. They truly “get it”.  Highly recommended!

Chris F.


This is the first time I’ve used Residential Renters LLC. The process went very smoothly and their customer service was impeccable. I’ll be sure to use them again and refer them to my friends! Thanks for your hard work and follow through!

Rose T.


Hi, We met our agent and to be honest the property was not a good fit for us but the agent George Pandi was such a personable guy! Not in a smarmy “let me sell you this way” but I felt like I could be honest and heard by him without having to mince words. Due to traffic we were running late, on a holiday weekend no less and he still kept the appointment. He is still looking for a good fit for us and I wanted to post this to let this company know that I really think George a valuable asset to Residential Renters.

Kevin V.


Very helpful and patient while helping me get a place to live

Wendy G.


Both Ben and Adam were absolutely great to work with!  They were more knowledgeable about the downtown rental market than any other agent I have worked with.  When I first called Ben he was very patient with my needs and wants.  He took everything into consideration and came up with some great options.  From there, he connected me with Adam and we toured some really cool condos and apartments.  I think we saw over 10 and ended up renting the first one we started with!  I really appreciate all the hard work these guys put into it and I am happy to write a 5 star review!

Rachel B.


I found Allison Zarse and to be the most helpful, friendly, and informative agent I have worked with in Milwaukee. She and Ben listened to our needs and worked to try to find us the perfect place for our family as we moved from the East coast. They showed us a number of properties on short notice and were extremely accommodating. They have my highest recommendation!

Brooke T.


Ben and Adam were great to work with. They were positive yet realistic with renting our condo downtown. They were able to rent it quickly and for the price we were asking. I look forward to working with them again.

Laura C.


Adam was able to show us a number of apartments in a short amount of time, gave us some great options to choose from in the Eastside area, and we were able to get in into a great place shortly afterward. He was informative at each viewing and seemed to have a knack for reading our likes/dislikes. I am excited to move into our apartment and we have Adam to thank for that.

Aaron B.


 Ben and Brandon were great to work with. They brought many prospects to our condo and did an excellent job of screening applicants. The whole process went well and we are happy to say we would recommend them to anyone.

Diane P.


My rental property had been on the market since October. I was getting very frustrated and concerned with the process of putting a sign out front. In the beginning of January of this year, Ben happened to call me when he saw the property for rent and we talked. I am happy to say a lease was signed at the end of February. They are a great company to work with and they are aggressive in finding the right tenants.

Carol G.


I made contact with Ben after I received an email from residential renters in regards to a property I had advertised on craigslist. Initially I was somewhat suspicious, as I had never heard of residential renters before. However, after talking with Ben multiple times, I was very impressed with his professionalism. Ben was extremely helpful, friendly, prompt and of course competent. Later I also made contact with Brandon from residential renters, who is the one to actually get my property rented out. Residential renters took care of all the steps in the process, from inspecting the property, taking pictures, advertising and showing it, communicating with all the involved parties, getting the prospective tenants to fill out the applications, doing the credit checks, and finally making sure that all involved parties are satisfied and the lease is signed in a timely manner. I don’t think I could have rented out my property in such a short period of time without the help of residential renters. Thanks so much Ben and Brandon for all your help. Would highly recommend your services to everyone – 5 stars all the way around !

Gayatri V.


Thank you for all your efforts in helping me find great renters.  You guys were fantastic throughout the entire process!

Sarah K.


I have been a landlord for many years and have had great luck finding renters on my own until recently.  Several other rental agents who I have been working with seemed like they didn’t care my property was on the market for 60 days so I thought I would try Residential Renters out.  I met with Adam who assured me that he would go above and beyond to get my place rented quickly.  His professionalism and knowledge of the rental market was very impressive. Within one week he had several applicants lined up and all I had to do was make the executive decision as to which renter was best qualified.  Needless to say, I will be working with Residential Renters year after year.

John P.